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They may concentrate more on providing high-quality patient care and less on administrative tasks. Professionals with extensive medical terminology and HIPAA compliance training work as virtual assistants for Portiva. They have a skilled staff that can assist patients and doctors to the best of their ability. The virtual nurse assistant, or VNA, is a team of hardworking Virtual Assistants Filipinos to streamline tasks and improve doctor workflow. Physicians may manage their daily burden with the support of a virtual assistant, ensuring that the standard of patient care is never compromised. The number of nurses employed by these organizations steadily increases yearly, making it easier than ever for nurses to access employment opportunities in the Philippines. Plus, their office staff is free from having to answer simple questions or follow up on routine calls since everything is handled by the virtual assistant. Examine Portiva's virtual assistant for physicians today to see its impact on your practice. Clients of Portiva have access to skilled virtual nurse assistants that are well-versed in medical language and protocols, have strong organizational skills, and are seasoned in the field. Additionally, the virtual assistant assists in making sure that all medical orders are correctly recorded and submitted into the EHR system without any mistakes or omissions. nurse virtual assistant