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Know that your practice is in capable hands with Portiva on board. Portiva offers various services, such as scheduling appointments, managing patient records, sending appointment reminders, collecting payments, and answering patient questions. Doctors may use their time more productively thanks to the VNA technology, which removes the need for busy work. Modern technology is used on this platform to guarantee the security and privacy of all data. Many companies believe that using a virtual nurse avoids the need for extra personnel, which lowers the overhead costs related to traditional nursing duties. With the aid of this technology, physicians can focus on providing excellent patient care while Portiva manages the administrative side of things. The VNA system eliminates the need for busy work, allowing doctors to spend their time more effectively. Contact them today to explore how their virtual nurse assistants can benefit your practice! Ensuring everyone receives the proper care they require is something you owe to everyone—including your employees and patients. nurse virtual assistant