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Professionals may handle internal communication and keep up with patient records with Portiva's VNA. Virtual nurse assistants also regularly check their patient's progress and provide additional assistance. Their platform allows healthcare providers to post job openings for virtual nurse assistants and access a database of highly-skilled nurses available to work remotely and provide quality services to their clients. Scheduling visits, creating discharge summaries, ordering tests or treatments for patients, entering patient data into electronic health record systems, and discussing test results with doctors are just a few of the duties nurses perform as virtual assistants. Portiva is a virtual medical staffing company that provides virtual assistant jobs for doctors. Virtual nurse assistants add a critical layer of support by handling administrative duties and assisting in the coordination of care for complex situations. Also, nurses who take on nurse virtual assistant positions can benefit from extensive benefits packages that cover medical costs and extras like vision care plans and dental coverage based on the employer's policy. nurse virtual assistant