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Try Portiva's virtual nurse assistant jobs today and make sure your practice runs as smoothly as possible! You won't regret it! Make Portiva your go-to resource for virtual medical staffing, and take advantage of the ease of having a trustworthy virtual assistant for doctors to assist you in managing your business. With the help of a virtual assistant nurse, doctors can focus more on providing quality healthcare to their patients without worrying about administrative tasks. Portiva is an excellent resource for those looking to explore this field and find the perfect virtual assistant position. Doctors and other healthcare practitioners can be reached through Portiva, a virtual medical staffing organization. In addition, patients gain from obtaining information promptly via automated emails or text messages instead of waiting hours or days for a response from office staff members who may be preoccupied with other duties. You can relax knowing that your practice is in capable hands with Portiva on board. Last but not least, when using virtual assistant services for doctors, health information is kept secure because of Portiva's commitment to HIPAA compliance. Because they do not require physical presence during their shifts at a hospital or clinic, they can often work long hours without paying overtime wages or benefits packages associated with full-time employees. Doctors can get virtual assistant services from Portiva, a virtual medical staffing firm. nurse virtual assistant